Branding to include Cable Assemblies?

Right for you, right for your customers?
Branding is all the rage today and is as popular as social networking. Seems every business owner and corporation wants to promote their products and build brand identity. The astute Marketing Manager is always looking for ways to showcase products with an unforgettable impression. But how does this work with cable assemblies?

Branding is normally done by catching the attention of your audience with a color scheme, defined symbol, a unique shape, or a combination of these, all of which can be accomplished with molded cable assemblies. The most common reasons these are NOT utilized by most customers today include:

  • Currently not using molded assemblies
  • Molded assemblies are too expensive
  • Minimums are too high for molded assemblies
  • Engineering support is unavailable
  • Unfamiliar with this solution
    • Sometimes, the first three reasons listed above are linked… customers are not using molded assemblies because they believe they are too expensive and/or they must purchase thousands at a time to meet minimum requirements of the manufacturer.

      Wasatch Cable & Design has an industry leading minimum of 250 pcs per part number and our many years of experience show that our molded assemblies are normally less expensive than mechanically assembled equivalents, sometimes a lot less.

      Molded assembly branding is accomplished by using:

    • Custom colors of hoods to match your logo

    • Molded hoods to include logo and/or part numbers
    • Custom eye catching shapes on molded hoods

    • Continuous messages on outside of cable jacket (may require higher mins)
    • Custom colors on outside of cable jacket (may require higher mins)

    For the most professional looking assemblies that assist in communicating what your brand represents, take another look at custom molded assemblies. They’re beautiful, normally built better (to be covered in another article) and the best part, cost effective.
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