I'm most concerned with quality. What can I expect from Wasatch Cable?
Our customers consistently tell us our quality is unsurpassed. Some even use our quality as their company's benchmark to grade all other suppliers, foreign or domestic. All assemblies are manufactured under ISO certification, are 100% tested and all are guaranteed.

We want to make sure some of our assemblies are IP68 rated. How can Wasatch help us waterproof our cables?
Wasatch has a unique, time-tested method of making our assemblies 100% water-tight as well as totally isolating the connectors from water intrusion.

Our cables look dated and we get negative feedback from our customers regarding their appearance. We've always wanted our assemblies to be as attractive as our chassis.
Customers benefit from our expertise in upgrading and modernizing old and tired looking assemblies. Most often, our updated assemblies result in a more robust cable and also include improvement from water intrusion.

Because all our cable requirements are custom, our current vendor will not hold any stock for us. What is Wasatch Cable's policy?
We offer stocking packages based on our customer's requirements. It is commonplace on blanket orders to ship per the customer's schedule.

How long will it take to receive first articles from Wasatch Cable?
Once we have all parts on hand, typically 2 to 4 weeks (slightly longer if tooling is required). Production units will be identical to the approved first article whether or not we manufacture 300 pcs or 300,000.

We have a good engineering department but lack the resources to update drawings. Can Wasatch Cable assist us?
We can double check and update existing drawings or generate new ones from an idea or a sketch.

Our corporation is interested in branding. Can Wasatch Cable assist here?
We can customize each assembly to include molded part numbers, molded logos, and various shapes and sizes of hoods. Other options include, custom colored overmolded hoods, colored cable jackets and continuous, repeating messages printed on cable jackets.

I'm not sure we are getting the most "bang for the buck" on the parts we are sourcing? What role does Wasatch Cable play here?
Our customers report we do an excellent job of sourcing cost effective wire/cable/connector combinations that have worked exceptionally for them for many years.

I've got an idea on an assembly and all I want to do is bounce it off someone.
Many of our customers tell us we have the best engineering support in the business. For a no nonsense discussion, call (801) 222-3215 x205 or email at brianc@wasatchcable.com.

What's the minimum quantity I can order for custom molded assemblies?
We lead the industry here. Whether you're ordering molded cables or harnesses, the minimums are only 250 pieces per part number.

How long does it take to get a quote from Wasatch Cable?
One to two days is normal for a standard RFQ. Additional time may be necessary for reverse engineering, customized connectors, and "smart cables".

One of the reasons we have shied away from offshore sources is because sometimes we need immediate technical support. What can we expect from Wasatch Cable?
Since all the design and engineering is done domestically, you can anticipate immediate responses. Our customers call us frequently to join in on their engineering meetings where they receive instant feedback.