M12 Series Connector Assemblies

M12 Connector Assemblies
When considering a waterproof, highly reliable and compact connector, the M12 series may be a good choice. M12 series connectors are produced by numerous manufactures, are an industry standard, and available in 3 to 12 contacts. They are well suited for high vibration applications, and should the assemblies have excessive cold and heat considerations, the M12’s operate over a wide temperature range.

The M12’s come in a variety of technologies including:

  • Bayonet lock
  • Single keyway
  • Screw lock
  • Screw lock/push-pull

    • They are easy to connect and disconnect and can be overmolded for a clean, attractive appearance. To identify each leg, the color of the overmolded hoods can be easily changed.

      Whether your requirements include material handling or commercial vehicles, packaging equipment or sensors, take a look at the M12 series connectors. If it has to be protected from the environment, must be highly dependable, and cost effective, this one could be a winner for you.
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