What to Consider When Choosing a Partner - Part 3

On-time Delivery
Hold your suppliers to the lead-times promised (incoming quotes, first articles, and production builds). Production can slip occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances but not on every purchase order. Some vendors are well known for deflating lead times to grab orders (avoid them like the plague). If a stocking program is important to you, your supplier should offer one. Keep in mind, they cannot hold your parts indefinitely but discuss a program that includes reasonable terms. It may be possible to have parts on the shelf when you need them.

Cost Effective
Cost reduction is usually the number one reason for entertaining offshore assemblies. While this is very important, a deeper look into the supplier's offerings may uncover some real gems that are most significant to you. The benefits of all the "value added" services along with the cost effective pricing can be considerable. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover the "offshore guy" offers you more than expected, a lot more.

The information provided herein was assembled as a guide to help in the selection of a valuable cable supplier for you and your staff. After critiquing all the information, making a list of appropriate questions and interviewing your prospective supplier, you can hopefully choose one that offers true value. Choosing the right people with plenty of experience to be a part of your team makes all the difference. These are the vendors that will make your company look good, which of course, is always a reflection on you. Thanks for reading.